Corporate Culture

Attitude is everything!  That was my mantra while rearing my children, (for children and parents), but I believe it applies to how we deal with every area of life. 

In the security realm, attitude alone is not sufficient risk management, but all the high tech systems available won’t provide effective results without staff that takes it seriously.  The best security department you can develop will be overwhelmed if employees do not take ownership of the responsibility to secure company interest.  Of course none of this matters if management does not provide the proper empowerment for the security department.    

I learned early on in my career that the most successful security programs can only be achieved when every person in the organization sees security as a team effort.  Many dollars have been wasted on systems that were not managed effectively.  Many dollars have been lost through ineffective risk management.  Many security departments have floundered under an administration that doesn’t take them seriously. 

The culture of an organization will determine the effectiveness of its security activities.  This is usually the most difficult modification to achieve, but when looking at security improvements, you must start here.

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