Boston Did America Proud!

One week ago today, Boston was still in shock from the blasts which occured at the Boston Marathon the previous day.  Few answers existed other than what the current casualties were.  Law enforcement and Government agencies were scrambling to get a handle on what happened, and everyone was in disbelief.

Today, one week later, there are still questions, but Boston and America breathes easier.  The suspects were identified and neutralized, though not without additional cost, and answers are now coming into focus. Any loss is terrible and will affect those involved forever.  However, the potential loss that was avoided will never be known and gratitude should be the predominate attitude.

Thank you to all who contributed to the positive and effective response to this tragedy.  What a great example of pulling together and dealing with a terrible situation.

Terrorists look on and are troubled.  The world looks on and is impressed!  America looks on and is proud!

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