Sometimes You Just Have to Make a Change

Impossible Concept With Businessman and  Wooden Blocks

I have put it off as long as I could. I have been hoping for a replacement to my trusty tool, but alas, it doesn’t appear to be coming in time. I went through this once before, about 5 years ago and was happily relieved by a resurgence of support, but that has again fallen off and a repeat revival is not evident. Yes, I am talking about the Windows Phone. If you never owned one, you wouldn’t understand. I tired to change to an Android phone about 2 years ago, and switched back after heavy withdrawal symptoms. The promise of endless apps was not sufficient to overcome the security blanket and comfort of my Windows Phone. There are convenience and functional capabilities that iOS and Android have not yet attained, and likely never will. There is new hope of a Surface Phone being debuted the end of this year, but support of the old Windows Phone platform is rapidly diminishing.

This experience has given me new appreciation for security managers who are reluctant to pursue upgrades to their security systems. It is a distraction from the work at hand. It is costly. There are many unknowns. It will require a lot of training. I’ll have to change how I do things. What if it puts me in a worse position that I am in now?  Believe me, I get it!

That is where security consulting services come in. While the rep at the phone store may not be able to resolve all my concerns about the phone platform swap, a seasoned security consultant will be able to help the security manager through these questions and concerns. My first approach is to work with the client to evaluate and optimize existing systems and operations to achieve greater effectiveness. If a replacement is the best path forward, then I work with the client to ensure a successful outcome with as minimal disruption as possible. The bottom line is sometimes it takes strong leadership and determination to do what is best for the organization and pursue change, but you don’t have to go it alone.

iPhone, here I come.

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