Post-COVID-19: Plan Ahead

New York Icons in Times Square at duskDon’t get comfortable at home. We need to start planning ahead. Maybe not today, but as soon as possible.  Life as we know it today will end.  (It has been a long time since anyone said that as a positive sentiment, right?!) But, we need to be ready for it.  The chaos we have been through dealing with shut downs, lock ins and social distancing will be nothing compared to the challenges we are soon to face in ramping back up.  Pre COVID-19 life was busy enough. Think what it will be like for the weeks and months following the “All Clear”.  It will come.

Here are just a few of the things we will have to deal with:

  • Employee Repatriating
  • Facilities and Systems Re-commissioning
  • Policies and Procedure Implementation
  • Compliance Review
  • Resource & Contractor Engagement
  • Production Ramp-up
  • Client Inrush
  • Employee Throughput

I’m sure this is the short list, but you get the idea.  This sounds like the start-up of a new operation and in a way, it is.  Post COVID-19 won’t just be turning the lights back on.

Through all of it, we will need to keep an emphasis on security.  I believe that as much as criminals and terrorists may have tried to exploit the events of COVID-19, it will be an even greater challenge as businesses, government, the economy, etc., begins to restore.  In some situations, you might have to hit the reset on “Zero Trust”.  At a minimum, you will have to take measures to regain and ensure compliance with your corporate and external requirements.  On the systems front, hardware and infrastructure will be challenged with the inrush of heightened activity where it has been dormant for a while.  How will you prevent or deal with potential failures during restoration?

Whether from legitimate threats, or just the events of restoration, there will be plenty to deal with Post-COVID-19.  There are security professionals who can help you prepare and thrive through the restoration. We can come out of this even greater than we began.  We can help you start planning for success. You are not alone.

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